How to Access the Webcam of an HP Laptop?

Posted by admin, 16 Aug 2018

A webcam is a compact, tiny digital camera that allows you to broadcast pictures of yourself or your home to anyone you want. Generally, most laptops come equipped with an inbuilt web camera so you can easily hook up to your laptop and enjoy a broadcast video & images in real-time. HP indeed manufactures tiny, high-quality camera (cam) that captures light via a small lens at the front using a bit grid shields of microscopic-detectors.

But, when you are ready to go live to talk with your friends or family via the camera, a typical problem you might face is – the camera is not turned on or you can’t enable it! For such issues, HP Support Australia has gathered around with a blog, you should consider.

How to Access the Webcam of an HP Laptop?
  • Whether you’re a first-time or second-time user you generally get the icon removed from your desktop but don’t worry. As you can easily turn it on by using HP QuickPlay software and latest driver for the cam. To this end, download the driver from HP’s official website. If the drivers are already installed, follow the next steps to continue.
  • Now, double-click the QuickPlay application icon to open it.
  • As you do this, navigate to the Music Videos Pictures icon in QuickPlay, and then click it.
  • As you click the icon, a list will prompt with available devices. From the list, choose the HP Webcam button to turn it on.
  • After you do this, a flashlight with a pixel-image will appear on your screen.
  • After the light, double-click the active button and maximise it to full-screen.
  • Scroll down to the lower-left corner of the screen and choose Snapshot Image to take your very first picture with HP’s cam.
  • To capture or record a video, click the Record button.
  • To change the aspect ratio of your current screen, select the Info/More Settings button.

Now, you have installed the driver for the webcam, most third-party programs should also be able to detect and access the webcam. It can be used it with messenger applications for video chatting/conferencing. However, if you require any further assistance or have more questions to ask, you can contact our HP Technical Support Australia. Here our experts have got a keen eye for details and years of experience under their belt. Just call on toll-free helpline 1-800-431-355 today and you will be blown away by their work excellence and proven customer service.